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US Navy Mae West life jacket 1944 dated

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WW2 era USN life jacket « Mae West »
1944 dated
In perfect condition !
Used by US Navy USN/USMC Pilots in the Pacific
Navy Gray color
This is an inflatable vest that was used by USN/USMC Pilots and Flight Crewmen During WWII
It was designed to be inflated by a CO2 cartridge or it can be manually inflated by the mouth inflation tube
The CO2 inflation mechanism are present
The vest is still flexible not stiff
No rips or tears
It still has the two rubber inflation tubes for manual inflation
All straps on the vest both are still present and in excellent condition
It has the USN markings and is faintly dated 1944
Great for your WWII USN or USMC Fighter Pilot Display

This would make a great accessory to add to your USN/USMC Aviation Collection !

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